I’m just a little country girl from the south who’s always had a passion for fashion.  When I first started getting into blogs and looking around for fashion inspiration, I noticed there weren’t a lot that exactly fit my personal style.  There were several that targeted high-end style and even more that only focused on “curve hugging” pieces.  While I can appreciate both of those, I was looking for something a little different.  I was encouraged by many of my friends to start a blog of my own but was so scared to put myself out there – even on such a small scale.  I’ve never liked to be the center of attention, and I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the online community can be a pretty tough crowd. However, after some thought and a little procrastination, I decided to try it out and started my first blog in 2015.  If I thought something was missing in the blog space, hopefully I wasn’t the only one, and I really needed a creative outlet.

I’m a corporate girl, so I don’t get to bring out the creative side often.  Coincidentally, since I spend most of my time at the office, I do like to bring elements of my personal style into the workplace. I’m drawn to pieces that can transition easily from the workplace to happy hour.  I also look for comfortable pieces and staples that I can mix and match and bring a look together quickly.   When I’m not at my day job, I love looks that are that are chic and effortless (that also don’t break the bank).   I don’t mind showing some skin,  but I strongly believe there is more than one way to be sexy.  Subtle, flirty sexy is my fave. I love mixing classic silhouettes and timeless pieces with current trends, but my style is ever evolving.  I’m still trying to figure life out like everyone else – just also stopping to smile and take some (sometimes awkward) pictures along the way. Thanks for stopping by and joining me on this journey as OneStylishLady.