Falling in Love with Santorini – Part I

Hey Stylish ladies! Checking back in from a little hiatus while celebrating my bday and traveling!

A couple weeks ago I had my first trip to Europe, spending a little time in Paris and several days in Greece. The timing also worked out perfectly as a birthday trip. I got the opportunity to visit Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini…. y’all, Santorini stole my heart. It’s just so breathtakingly beautiful. From the charm of Oia to the views from the Caldera.

My friends and I got a pro tip before we left from a friend who had traveled there before. She let us know one of her biggest regrets was not getting a professional photographer while she was there. Not only are the backdrops worthy of professional grade photos, the local photographers also know the best places to get these shots. Cue these pics. Our photographer, Nikos, definitely did not disappoint! He was extremely accommodating and very professional and also gave us some history of the island during the process. I mean look at these! Our eye would have missed half of these shots. He also was patient with awkward models, providing a ton of guidance, and taking a lot of shots, and helping us move our shoes from place to place. Lol Definitely recommend doing this if you decide to visit.

How do you find a local photographer overseas?! TripAdvisor will be your best friend. Nikos had an abundance of rave reviews, and booking, payment, and photo receipt was all done easily electronically. A boat tour and winery trip are also a must while here… and the food…. loved it so much I’m actually considering ordering a Greek-style cookbook lol. Stay tuned for part two because you know I had to get two outfits in while I had this photographer. 🙂

Outfit Details: Dress – Missguided (Get Here) || Shoes – Express (Old) || Belt – Borrowed (This dress runs big 😉)

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