Sporty Chic

I’m really getting into this athleisure market.  Buying all the joggers, sweatshirts, sweatshirt dresses, etc.  I’ve been into my dressy casual zone for a while now, but I’m really loving a comfy yet cute piece.  Cue this little dress from Gabrielle Union’s capsule collection with New York & Company.  Super sporty but form fitting to give it a little feminine edge.  Plus it’s in my favorite color to wear, cobalt blue (since black doesn’t count right?).  I wanted to pair this with sneakers but quickly realized I need to up my sneaker game.  Not one pair I owned worked with it, and my sister swiftly let me know my collection consisted of footwear worn by the older crowd who enjoys long strolls around the mall.  So until I get that together, I opted for some open toe heels that were tucked away in my closet.  I got these months ago on sale from Steve Madden, and they are some of the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn.  I’m pretty sure Steve was inspired by those Balenciagas that Cardi likes – you know, the ones that look like socks. 🙂

Get all the glorious details below and thanks for stopping by!  Hope you all are checking off all those actions towards reaching your goals – stay motivated my friends!

Outfit Details:  Dress – New York & Company (Get Here) || Jacket – Zara (Old Similar Here) || Shoes – Steve Madden (Get Here)


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