Office Style – What Fashion Rules?

Who says you can’t wear bright colors in winter? If you haven’t realized it by now, there really aren’t a whole lot of rules to fashion anymore (no white after labor day, boots in the spring, open toe shoes in the winter, etc.).  All of that is out the window.  You wear what you want when you want, and as long as you are confident in it, you can usually pull it off.  Of course people will have opinions, but those can’t be avoided, so let your wardrobe represent what you like and how you feel – and most importantly, find what styles really complement your body.  After all, that’s what clothes were meant to do (outside of protecting your body from the elements of course)!

In this case, I felt like wearing a hot pink pants suit, so I did.  I often find that bright colors actually look better in colder months. Against cooler backdrops, they just seem to pop more. I’ve always wanted a pink suit in my life, and a few months ago I was able to track down this one.  It’s French Connection, but it was a struggle to get the complete look.  I found it late in the season, so it was sold out at a lot of retailers.  I first found the pants on ASOS.  It took me a couple more months, but I found the pants in my size, hidden away on the French Connection UK site.  After a lot of persistence, my look was complete.  Added a black bodysuit and my go to pumps and I was ready to take on whatever came my way.  Clothes for me typically represent a mood – this one is “she ready” 🙂 – Get all the details below!

Goal check in – my daily goal for January was to drink 32 ounces of water a day.  I know that’s about half of what you should get, but let’s just say I was starting from zero.  Haven’t met the goal, but I’m definitely doing a lot better with this water intake.  January is a free trial month right. 🙂 How are your goals coming along?

Outfit Details:  Suit – French Connection (Similar Blazer Here) || Bodysuit – New York & Company (Similar Here) || Shoes – Steve Madden Daisie (Get Here)


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