Living Color

I’ve been really feeling everything 90s lately.   The TV shows, the music, the fashion – all classics.  I actually just downloaded Toni Braxton’s first two albums and have been playing them in heavy rotation.  Something about the vibes just make me feel a little lighter and puts me in the best mood! I’m clearly gonna be one of those people one day complaining about how everything was so much better back in the day. lol

But I digress.  I say all that to say, somehow this outfit brought back some of those vibes for me. The red lip, the vibrant colors, and the dark sunnies all played off trends from that era.  It even brought out some dance moves that my photographer captured, but didn’t make it to this post (but I did leave in a couple awkward outtakes for fun). 🙂  Let’s just say my butterfly ain’t what it used to be.  Get all the details below, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Outfit Details:  Cropped Kimono – Shein (Get Here) || Jeans – Express (Get Here) || Shoes – Lulus (Get Here) || Sunnies – Express (Get Here)


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