When I had planned out the look for this shoot, I used a different kimono as the focal piece.  The outfit was laid out, fully accessorized, and ready to go.  Something made me rethink it.

I went back in the closet and pulled out this kimono I had purchased from my fave fashion blogger’s store – Kyrz’s Closet.  For those of you who don’t know Kyrzayda, know she’s an inspiration and a killer blogger.  I first started following her in 2013, when she was still working in retail and blogging on the side.  A few years ago, she let that job go in pursuit of her dream and started blogging full time.  That’s when she really started slaying the game! Getting paid partnerships, magazine shout outs, and starting her own boutique.  You can truly see her love for fashion in everything she does and that genuine passion (plus effortless style) is what appeals to people.

She was one of the reasons I started my own blog, and even after building a significant following, she still engages with my posts.  I purchased this sometime last year, but I think I was moved to pull it out now as a show of support.  Kyrzayda is currently battling stage 4 cancer, and although it takes a toll on her, she’s still kept her blog active and continues to engage with us and share her story.  I’ve witnessed several loved ones battle this heartless disease.  Although it takes a lot from you, it can’t take your soul. Even through this journey, she’s been inspiring us all – and now I’m more encouraged than ever to work towards the goals I’ve set.  I’m dedicating this post to her and praying that she receives a full healing. Everyone please send prayers and positive vibes her way.


Outfit Details:  Kimono – Kyrz’s Closet (Similar Here) || Jeans – Express (Get Here) || Shoes – Zara (Similar Here and Here)

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  1. Inspirational indeed…prayers and blessings to Kyrzayda and her family. Your passion is a testament to strong character and moves us all.


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