In Between

So I went to New Orleans last week and had the time of my life for my birthday! I mean dancing like it’s 2005, eating good food, drinking good drinks and enjoying life! … But then I came back to ATL only to find this “in between” weather that just won’t go away.  This warm tease then a winter snap is really playing with my emotions.  Spring is really acting like a childish non-committal boyfriend right now. I’m almost ready to just move on to summer. lol

But I digress. On one of the warmer (but not warm) “in between” weather days, I decided to bring out this cute little dress.  Sleepwear as street wear is showing no signs of slowing down, and this was a simple way to to try it out, cause we all know I love a good shirt dress.  The striped design and sheen of the dress make this one a little more fun.  I decided to add a hat for some of the shots to show how much of a difference an accessory can make.  The look skews a little more hipster with the hat and a little more “day date” without it.  Finished it off with some triple strap barely there heels, and the look was complete.

Get into the details below and thanks for stopping by! Here’s hoping this weather breaks for all of our sakes!


Outfit Details:  Dress – Express (Get Here) || Shoes – Missguided (Similar Here)|| Bag – Express (Get Here) ||Hat – Old (Similar Here)

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